A documentary is a film. TV program, publication which presents a social, political, scientific or historical subject in a factual or informative manner. Others tries to persuade the addressees to agree with a certain standpoint. Whatever the subject you decide on, filming a documentary it’s always a serious task.

Steps to Making Documentaries:

  • Tell a story you care about As a documentary developer, you should start with a subject that always excites you If you are indifferent about the subject content there are chances that the final documentary also will be non-exciting. Therefore you should make up a documentary that makes sense to you and you are passionate about. • Research Before starting on your work, you should first learn about anything you can concerning your documentary and you may choose to develop story lines or choose not, your work will involve digging up and following leads on interesting story lines and characters, search and gather for facts. • Make a Plan This incorporates developing an outline, also you ought to think on how to tell your story and seek for answers for these questions; what’s the style of the documentary?, are there existing footages or photographs that may aid in telling your story?, who will be your major character?, and what will be your core points of the story? • Create a Shot List a shot list is a list consisting of the interviews and the footages that you might require to make to your documentary. • Start shooting if your documentary is purposed for the television theatre, website, or mobile devices or maybe a combination, you should plan well on how your documentary will be viewed since that directs your storytelling and the shooting style. For instance, tiny details in a distance might not be well viewed in a phone. Therefore you should ensure you capture a range of angles during the shooting.
  • Write a Script Once the storyline is shot and you have gathered the many production features, you should now start arranging it into a script. Highlighting the most convincing elements of your story and start crafting around those events. Note that a script is meant to elaborate what the audience is hearing and listening. • Begin Editing This is where you put down a great deal of the footages and choose the video editing software and computer where you start putting down your footage clips one after the other in a certain sequence. Here the art involved in editing is to generate a ride of motion where some parts are fast and others slow in order to produce a vibrant viewing experience.
  • Check Legal and Copyright Issues This is a very sensitive phase where the owner of the documentary is supposed to adhere to the set rules and regulations pertaining the field, it involves for example the owner to specify who to view his contents, who to copy his work of art and this rule of copyright protects the artists and their works • Distribute This is the last phase where after you are through with all the works, you now find means on how your documentary will reach on your audience, this might be through DVDs, web, television, or even in the theatres.

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